Perfogator-I (Traveling Water)

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A Traveling water screen from Fairfield is a cost efficient and customizable water debris removal system. There is no enhanced way to remove water debris than a traveling water screen.

Fairfield’s Traveling water screen is used to remove debris from the river or lake water, unlike bar racks and many other intake protection systems, which require costly monitoring and maintenance to keep free from blockages.

Screens are installed vertically in a concrete channel where debris clings to the upstream side of the ascending screen panels and is removed by water spray before the return run of screen panels descends on the down side of the screen.

Traveling water screen consist of

» Panels usually have square clear opening and fabricated of galvanized steel wire attached to steel angle frames by means of steel clamp bars and galvanized steel bars. Screen panels can also be fabricated of stainless steel wire.
» Adjustable stealing strips will be used at basket ends on the vertical flights. No other clearance space in the boot or elsewhere which will constitute a water passage, whether between moving parts or between moving and stationary parts.
» Water spray assembly with multiple nozzles is furnished to spray the full width of the screen panels and wash debris from the screen into a discharge trough. An electric solenoid- operated valve is furnished to actuate the water spray system when the screen machinery is operating.

Technical Data

  • Standard channel width from 3' to 4'.
  • The velocity of the water flow to the screen can be approximately 1 to 2 FPS.
  • Approx screen chain speed 10 FPM.


  • Sewage treatment.
  • Pumping stations.
  • Sea & ocean water intake filtration.
  • Fossil fuel generation facilities.
  • Thermal power plants.