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The "CAF" bar screen is designed to protect processing equipment by removing oversize debris from the sewage immediately upon its arrival at the pumping station or treatment plant.

  The rake that cleans the screen is a cable operated, reciprocating design that descends on the upstream side of the bar screen, engages the bar screen at channel floor level, and ascends on the upstream side of the bar screen.

The CAF bar screen Consists of:

»The Screen Rack
»The Cleaning Rack Frame
»Cable Operating Mechanism
»Hydraulic Retarding Assembly


  • Study stainless steel design.
  • Application for more deep screening.
  • Less capital cost.
  • Low life cycle cost.
  • More efficient screening capture.
  • Reliable operation.
  • Low maintanance.

Technical Data

  • Maximum channel depth up to 250'.
  • Standard channel width from 3' to 9'.
  • Standard bar spacing are 3/4" mm to 1/2".
  • Other sizes available upon request.
  • Five years limited warranty.


  • Municipal & industrial wastewater.
  • Treatment plants.
  • Pump stations.
  • Surface water intake structure.
  • Combined sewer overflows.