Belt Conveyor

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» The Fairfield belt conveyors are used to transport light to medium weight of loads such as screened material from bar screen. Belt conveyors can be horizontal or inclined (maximum of 28 degrees), designed to convey materials from the loading points to a discharge area.

» The friction of the belt can fix the items into the right place on the conveyor without some unnecessary bumps. Friction also avoids smooth accumulation; merging and sorting on the belt. This is available in open or fully enclosed type of construction.

  • Belt
  • » Belt will be as recommended by the manufacturer with regard to tension. Its covers will be oil and acid resistant.
  • Splices
  • » Splices kit will include fasteners, template, wrench and punch. The splicing will be done in the field.
  • Framing
  • » Frames and support will be constructed of ASTM A-36 steel. Frames will consist of channel shaped side stringers properly tied and braced. A deck plate will be provided between the carrying and return run of the belt.
  • Belt Scraper
  • » Belt scraper will be provided at the discharge, arranged to clean the belt and discharge the material into the conveyor discharge chute. Scrapers can be either of counterweighted or spring-loaded design.
  • Load Skirt
  • » Load skirt will be provided in the load area or continuous the full length. Skirts will be supported by structural brackets from conveyor frame. Armorite rubber strips will be provided along the bottom end to seal the belt. Strips will be easily adjustable by means of a clamp bar arrangement not requiring slotted bolt holes.
  • Drip Pan
  • » Drip pan will be provided for full length of the conveyor and fabricated from steel. Drip pans are to be sloped downwards and lapped towards the designated drain location.
  • Discharge Chute
  • » Discharge chutes are provided where required and fabricated from minimum of 10-gauge steel.
  • Drive
  • Shaft
  • Bearing
  • Pulleys