Grit Classifiers

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» Grit Clasifiers can be installed at the elevator discharge section to more efficiently remove organice matter from he grit. The dewatering screw consists of a rectangular water-tight tank with an automatic wash water metering device with the inclined screw discharging the washed grid into a container.

» The tank is built of not less than 1/4 -inch steel reinforced with structural steel & provided with suitable flanged inlet from the bucket elevator,1 inch diameter wash water inlet ,steel baffle ,overflow box having adjustable weir, and suitable diameter effluent pipe.

» A volume of approximately 8 cubic feet in the washer tank is required for each cubic foot per hour of grit to be washed .The wash water surface and is delivered to the tank at about 5 pounds per square inch pressure.A portion of the wash water can be introduced in to the inclined section of dewatering screw by means of adjustable spray nozzles.