Lock Link

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The Fairfield “Lock Link” design uses similar components found in our catenary screen, such as a durable head mechanism, sturdy stainless steel frame and bar rack. Unlike our Catenary which uses a welded steel chain, the Lock Link uses solid stainless steel link bars. The link bars and cleaning rakes descend on the upstream side of the bar rack, when the bar link system reaches the bottom of their travel, they articulate in the opposite direction in a catenary loop without requiring a lower sprocket. During ascension the rakes engage the bar rack at the channel floor and link bars lock together forming a solid frame. The entire Lock Link system is driven by a head shaft mechanism similar to our catenary design, eliminating the use of submerged mechanical components.


  • Proven Design of Industry
  • Stainless Steel Link and Rake
  • Easy Installation
  • No Lower Sprocket
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Low Maintenance as minimum parts
  • Long Life Cycle


The Lock Link can handle debris of various types and sizes. Under normal conditions, the Lock Link operates like a typical multi-rake bar screen. If the Lock Link encounters large debris in the influent flow, the link system locks around them and removes them from the stream.

Oscillating Rake Link System:

If a large object like a tree branch comes between the rake and the screen, the Lock Link system rocks forward allowing the object to travel up the bar rack lifting it to the discharge point.

How The Lock Link Works:

The Lock Link Articulates to a 90 degree angle, Closing around the head sprocket drive pin.Once closed,the sprocket drives the link system forward.

As the link leaves the sprocket,the Lock Link locks together forming a solis bar frame.

As the Lock Link chain and scrapers reach the bottom of screen, the Lock Link Forms its own lower sprocket.

The link pins have been engineered to set with clearance & have minimal stainless steel contact.

Full Penetration features scrapers designed to clean full bar rack as well as cross members.