Protecto Conveyors

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Protecto conveyors are the obvious choice when conveying material that needs protected from the environment or when the environment needs protected from the material being conveyed.

Protecto Conveyor
Protecto Conveyor

Protecto Conveyor Offers Seven Important Protection


  • Designed to prevent material spillage
  • Keeps surroundings clean and dust-free
  • Eliminates product wind loss and carry back

Material Handled

  • Prevents material breakage
  • Keeps material free from external contamination
  • Material lies unaffected on belt throughout conveyor run

Plant Profits

  • Fewer drives and smaller horsepower reduce operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs

Project Costs

  • Requires fewer transfer structures
  • Reduced number of drives
  • Reduced project horsepower requirement
  • Reduced installation cost
  • Minimal site grading
  • Reduced overall project conveyor length

Design Freedom

  • Simple system configuration for space-limited sites
  • Flexibility in locating plant process equipment and buildings
  • Capable of tight curve radii
  • Can achieve steep inclines
  • Adapts easily to topographic changes
  • Increased capacity compared to conventional belts
  • Retrofit existing conveyor systems with minimal outage time
  • Bi-Directional material transportion

Plant Real Estate

  • Minimal footprint
  • Fewer transfer towers
  • May use existing structures


  • High operational safety
  • Simplistic design makes service and maintenance easy
  • Clean, dust free work environment

Features of Protecto Conveyor:

  • Able to curve in any direction
  • Enclosed curve suitable for variety of bulk materials
  • Protecto conveyor profile same as troughed conveyors at loading and discharging points
  • Belt is formed into tubular shape by special idler arrangement
  • Belt is directed through idler panels with hexagonal cut outs
  • Belt opens automatically at discharge point
  • Protecto manages horizontal and vertical curves, as well as steep inclines and declines