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FSCI #80-30204 (Installed June 1984)

Equipment:(3) CHCFF Bar Screens
St. Pump Station-Jefferson Parish,
Louisiana. (PH: 504-349-5141)

"I have Praise for the system, still operational. It is a superior system."

- Randy Rivero

FSCI #80-22861 (Installed June 1975)

Equipment:(3) CHCFF Bar Screens
North Tonawanda-North Tonawada,
New York. (PH:716-695-8560)

"I like the ruggedness and the durability. Currently have an order in for a new screen."

- John Maurer

FSCI #80-30148 (Installed July 1982)

Equipment:(6) CHCFF Bar Screens
(2) CAF Bar Screens
Philadelphia SE WPCP-Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. (PH:215-685-1733)

"I have no real problems with Fairfield equipment, would bye CHCFF from from Fairfield again."

- Ed Stuch

WPR #80-31130 (Replayed April 2010)

Equipment: CHCFF Bar Screens
Fairfield : The equipment was still there and operational
Bob : Yes, still have this equipment at the plant and yes, it is still operational.
Fairfield : There were any recurring problems
Bob : There were none.
Fairfield : had purchased parts recently ?
Bob : None had been purchased recently.
Fairfield : What he liked/disliked about Fairfield's equipment ?
Bob : All Bob said was that he liked this Fairfield equipment.
Fairfield : Would like to see a rep ?
Bob : yes
Fairfield : would like to speak to or see an engineer ?
Bob : Yes. I would like to get a copy of the part numbers and parts list for this particular piece of equipment.

- Robert Grigg(Bob)