Stream Guard

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Fairfield’s STREAM GUARD is heavy duty, fully automatic self-cleaning filter screen. The screen is capable of presenting a clean filtration surface to the oncoming liquid stream at all times during continuous operation. In addition, the screen is capable of intermittent operation in order to form a mat for maximum trash removal. The filter screen is suitable for installation and operation in the proposed flow channel having an angle of inclination of 60° to 80° from horizontal.

The screen provides dual filtration means it will stop the debris in two stage, first it will stop big debris at the teeth level and secondly it will stop small debris at shaft level in order to minimize compaction of the captured debris and increasing head loss through the units. The screen has clear spacing from 1 to 15 mm.

Technical Data

  • Channel Width (Max): 120".
  • Channel Depth (Max): 300".
  • Filtering Gap: 1,3,5,10,15mm etc.
  • Inclination referred to vertical : 60, 70, 80.
  • The teeth are made of plastic material (Nylon).
  • Stainless steel SS304 or SS316L is available as option.
  • Material of frame can be Stainless Steel or Galvanized.
  • Steel & Carbon Steel if required.


  • A Submerged curved 1/2" thick stainless steel rail is provided at the foot of the screen.
  • High capacity.
  • No submerged bearing and rollers. Ease of maintenance.
  • High separation efficiency due to the narrow spacing between teeth and the produced screening.
  • Self cleaning mechanism.
  • The hook like shape of the teeth effectively prevents the screened material from dropping.