MBR Spiralflo

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Fairfield's MBR SPIRALFLO systems are designed to address the screening needs of industrial and municipal process treatment plants.These quality units offer many design and operational benefits.

Shaft less Spiral technology enables efficient transport of stringy material or sludge. The shaft less, high-strength alloy steel spiral eliminates entanglement of solids around a shaft. No intermediate or end bearings are required, which reduces maintenance requirements.

»  Screening, washing, and compaction all are integrated into a single unit driven by one motor located at the top of the mechanism.


  • Wedge wire and perforated plate available in a wide range of screen openings.
  • Throughputs up to 35 MLD.
  • Variable lengths up to 30ft.
  • screen inclination angel : 35° or 45°.
  • Pivoting mounting stand.
  • Screenings pass paint filter test.


  • Wastewater treatment plant.
  • Primary/Secondary sludge.
  • Septage.
  • Digested sludge.
  • Membrane.


  • Lower plant operations & Maintenance cost.
  • Protect down-stream equipment.